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hyperbaric medicine

As one of only 8 Cox Category One hyperbaric facilities on the UK mainland we can deal with any hyperbaric emergency, including those patients requiring full intensive care support. We are also capable of treating numerous patients at any one time.

the hyperbaric chamber

A team of consultants in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, who have experience in hyperbaric and diving medicine, along with ICU nurses and technical support staff provide cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

the hyperbaric chamber The hospital has the facility to be able to land a helicopter onsite adjacent to the hyperbaric unit providing immediate access to the chambers.

training courses

Whether you require training in trauma or life support, we can offer a comprehensive range of courses to suit your needs.

The training centre uses only the most modern and up to date equipment available to ensure the very best in education and training.

Staff at the centre come from wide and varying backgrounds, ranging from nurses, doctors, the fire service, the commercial diving sector and aviation industry through to resuscitation training officers.

This ensures each course is taught with instructors who have experience in these particular subjects, providing you with years of experience.


We're involved in:
  • Research for Ministry of Defence

  • Research in the development of Medical Equipment for use in Hyperbaric Chambers

  • Medical Research and Trials

Services provided to the Northwest Ambulance Service