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Our Sport Diving Courses

Chamber Dry Dive

Our 40 metre chamber dry dive course for sport divers comprises a short presentation on the work carried out at the Recompression Unit. Diving safety, decompression illness and basic management of a patient suffering from Decompression Illness (DCI). You will be briefed on the safety aspects of the Recompression Chamber and introduced to the chamber environment where you can, under close observation, observe the effects of nitrogen narcosis.

Qualifications and fitness for Dry dive course: The minimum number of persons for a dry dive is 10. You must possess a self certification and be able to provide evidence on the day that you are medically fit to dive. We also require proof of a diver qualification. Note that non-divers will not be allowed in the chamber. Age minimum is 16 and the facility is available at weekends only.

Emergency Diver Medic

Our Emergency Diver Medic course is aimed at recreational SCUBA divers who require a deeper knowledge and insight into diving emergencies and their management. The course comprises:

  • Emergency First Response Primary Care
  • Emergency First Response Secondary Care
  • Dan oxygen management
  • Dan Automatic External Defibrillation
  • Recognition of Decompression Illness
  • Clinical manifestation of DCI
  • Patient care and Management
  • Recompression Chamber Management
  • Advanced Medical Skills
  • Recompression Chamber Orientation/50 metres dry dive

Diving Emergency Medic

The course is intended to develop the diver’s ability to deal with diving emergencies and to manage the patient until skilled help arrives. For divers wishing to extend their knowledge we offer a 1 week practical training session at the Recompression Units, where you will work under the guidance and supervision of the team on a a day to day basis. Please ask for more details.

HSE Chamber Awareness

Our HSE Chamber Awareness course is aimed at all qualified recreational /sport divers particularly those wishing to complete an HSE Professional Scuba Qualification

Course Content: Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine Basic functions of a two compartment chamber Types of chambers & categorisation Hazards and dangers of recompression Overview and management of DCI Therapeutic gases Treatment tables Basic chamber design Pre and Post treatment chamber checks (Internal & External ) Routine medical patient treatment Roles and requirements of chamber attendants Basic chamber operation Pre dive chamber checks ( Dry Dive ) 40mtr Chamber Dive Post dive chamber checks Q & A session Course Debrief.

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